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Hows it going fellow rodders..let me start by saying thanks for all the great info that you guys post on here its helped me alot with my bike...ok so ive been looking at the Zippers Zip kit drooling..i called Zippers today and talked with them then i called some local machine shops trying to save some money...i could get my throttle bodies bored out locally to 58mm for around $60-100 bucks then id need new butterflies made as well..what else would i need done besides tuning? could i run the stock stacks also? Will i just be better off going with the roughly $510 through Zippers for machined throttle bodies with new stacks? im trying to save money if possible my first child arrived one year ago and bike money isnt exactly flowing. anybody running this kit? thank you for the help...

v+h indy
black forks
no front fender
pcv w/ autotune..soon
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