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WTS Windsheild, shocks, seat, fender, baseplate, engine overs

Sitting in the shop and need to get gone! All of these parts came off of my 04 B.
Ultimate touring windshield. This is the one that relocates the tyrn signals to the forks. snaps on and off very easy and is great for longrides, $225

Vivid black rear fender with Chrome base plate. I am selling these together since the fender has very small marks where the base plate touches the paint. The fender would be fine as is since the marks are hardly noticeable. $145

Stock B model shocks. These should work fine on all models except the R I belive. These would be good to shorten. $50

Aluminum cam covers. I bought these used and never put them on my bike. They are fine as is or could be powder coated or used as a core. $45

Wide passenger pillion $55

Stock B model seat with the small passenger pillion and strap. $75

Kosman Mid controls. These worked with my CP Turbo kit and should work with an aftermarket exhaust. $275

If my prices are off let me know. I want a fair deal but do not want to give my parts away. I need to generate some funds for a new project. Email for pics.

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