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Please don't respond w/ ebay. I'm already constantly checking.

Stock slider, right front fork. The parts manual does list the left and right seperately. If you don't want to seperate the set let me know your price for both.

Stock front turn signal (right or left). Preferably with the stock socket contacts intact. If they're cut off I can easily add them. Do not need the stock socket housing.

Clear turn signal kit. Only need 2 clear lenses and 2 amber bulbs.

These parts will be used to replace mine that were damaged in my accident. The guy that hit me doesn't have insurance so I'll never see a dime from him. Normally my insurance company would go to his company and seek recovery of all damages to include my deductable. What's the chances of a person like this actually showing up at small claims court and actually paying awarded damages. A little :eek:fftopic: just had to vent some more.
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