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WTB Black 1250cc Engine

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Miles not a concern so long as it runs well. 3 long yrs into a total rebuild of my '08 I just don't have the funds to finish engine as planned. rather than wait I'm looking for a reasonably priced 1250 to pop in so I can ride and finish engine in the meantime. I simply can't go another summer w/o riding ..lol
Any leads or help would be greatly appreciated.
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Good Luck ! they are out there for $ 1850 for one with crash damaged side cases to $ 3500 for a sweet Amsoil only 5500 mile example. I've found them, and had them slip through my fingers. You can buy an entire lightly crashed bike off CoPart, remove the engine, and sell the rest of the bike, PIA. If you have your engine take it to Vreelands over in PA. he's closest and have him build it back up and re-install it - its probably faster in the long run and you will know what you will end up with, and the #'s will match, 'cause used engines can be a crap shoot. 1130cc engines all day long for $ 1500 - 1250's not so easy to find or as cheap. Fix yours, be done with it and ride. My 2 cents. :blahblah: :D
Situation is I have about 80% of parts for my 1350 Build including Sprintex SC.
Fitzgerald will be doing the final assembly etc...So I either wait and not ride or.... Started looking on Co-Part found a few just have to wait for auction dates. Thanks for your 2 cents though...lol
then buy a late model 1130 and install.bet you wont know the diff.
A Few Choices, Hmmm -

Yea, pecee that's a good idea for NoScope - I almost bought a 4000 mile 1130 as the basis for my new engine build but decided after much cost and time comparisons to just buy some good used 1250 cases, and use my engine internal parts with a stroker crank ( if mine is out of limits ) and install a straight cut second, engine crank brace etc. and be done with it. I've got another bike to ride anyway ( Triumph Triple ) so I'm not cut out of riding during the build. That's something else he could do - buy a used bike like the '11 Speed Triple my bud just got for $ 4000 with 4200 miles on it, ride it and build the V Rod, then sell it when he's done. Might just be easier than buying a Copart bike and swapping in the 1250 engine then trying to sell all the unneeded parts, then re-remove that engine to install the completed built engine. But buying a $ 1500 1130cc engine and popping that in there would be a pretty inexpensive solution and he'd be riding his bike, plus ending up with a spare engine. Great Idea. :blahblah: :D
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