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WOW!! What a difference. PCV

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I have a 2003 12k on it. It is my first fuel injected bike. The only mods were an open baffle Screaming Eagle slip on and front sprocket. The bike sat for a couple years and the fuel system went bad. The previous owner sent it to a shop to get it running correctly. The repair shop shotgunned the diagnosis and replaced everything related to the fuel system.

I get the bike and I am all excited. It is beautiful, all chromed out and loud as hell. One thing I noticed was a lean spot when I hit the throttle hard from 2500-4000 rpms and the popping on deceleration. I thought that the repair shop may have not diagnosed it properly. However, it would get into the powerband hard after 4000 rpms, so I knew that something else must be happening.

After reading the countless posts, it seemed like it was a MAP issue. I was skeptical at first. I came from the dinosaur age of jap sportbikes. Fuel, spark, compression, weight, and skill to go fast was all you needed.

I knew I would never be happy with bike until this glitch was worked out. I decide to buy a PCV and hoped for the best. I can honestly say that the issue is gone. It was a true plug and play. They nailed the MAP right on the head. No more lean spot when I get on it hard and the decel popping decreased by 80%.

I want to thank all of the contributors. Now I'm really happy with the bike money well spent.:D
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