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I recently bought a number of things from WisHD off Ebay. They delivered as promised and gave tracking numbers. I emailed and asked if they would offer the same 20% discount that Chicago HD and Hales offers. This is what I got back.


We extend the same 10% Discount that we offer our Local Chapter

We also do email promotions throughout the year offering 20% Discounts
to our e-commerce customers. Some exclusions (i.e. Paint Sets) apply.

If you know anyone who would like to be on our email list, please have
them email us with their email address, name and shipping address and
we will put them in our e-commerce customer database.

Please feel free to relay your positive experience in any manner you
see fit.

Thank you for the kind words and we look forward to our next

Michael Griest
E-Commerce Coordinator
[email protected]
Wisconsin Harley-Davidson

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Great ad that to are list of Dealerships that CARE! ;)
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