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The only solution I've found for the F is the Quick-Release Compact Mid-Sport Windshield - VRSCF models part number 57610-09 . Best price I've found is $267.96 from Lake Shore Harley-Davidson / Buell - Libertyville, IL


Unfortunately if your taller than 5' 6" this shield is too short and the breeze is going to hit you right in the eyes. You can take that to the bank I'm 6' and the shield is just about useless. The answer to that problem is here at Rifle.

http://rifle.com/Quick Release Compact Mid-Sport for VRSCF Muscle Replacement Windshield (09- )-P2409.aspx

They can make a replacement glass which is of better quality, BTW, to any length you need keeping the original sporty shape of the windshield.

I'm in the process of ordering and installing a 4" taller shield I'll let you know how it goes when I finish.
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