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OK , everyone . I have heard this going around a little bit. I heard some V-Rod owners that are not happy with their SuperSport and 100th Ann. Super Sport windshields are purchasing JUST the sport windshield( I mean just the piece of lexan) They are using the slightly different hardware from the SS windshield and it actually works. I also heard the part # for the lexan piece was/is 57787-01 ??? .I am not sure though so do not quote me on this. At a full price cost of like 72 bucks(I know there are some discounters out there) .It can save us about 50% or more ! Any thoughts or experiences ? Just giving out some ideas . BobT
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Received the Sport windshield today, lexan only (part # 57787-01) $69.54. Took all of the hardware off my Super Sport windshield and installed it on the Sport lexan and it works great. Took it for a ride and it does exactly what I need, take the wind off my chest. It also looks allot better than the larger Super Sport. Just an inexpensive way to make the change if you have the Super Sport and you are over all the turbulent wind in your eyes.


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Thank you

Thanks. I am going to ask for one for x-mas. I do not have much need for it anymore this year. Too cold, Once morning temps are in the low 40's I wear my helmet. The deer start to get too active and they act stupid. But next year........... Again , thanks. BobT
Hey Frank:

Enlighten me about the turn-signal set up you have on your bike.

It looks very interesting.


Kuryakyn LED turn signals (top)

Kuryakyn Halogen driving lights (bottom)

Drag specialty turn signal relocate bolts (replaces stock triple tree bolts)

Its a very clean look. IMHO


Thanks for the info on your front light set-up

frank I would like the part # for the driving light set up...very nice!!!
thank you in advance
is that 100th emblem added to your sport WS?? never seen a sport with that...just super sport

thx Frank!! jus curious....:D
I took it off the SS and drilled two holes in the S and installed it.
Has anyone tried usint the windscreen without the headlight visor? I was wondering if there was any serious problem with headlamp reflection as I don't really care for what the visor does for the look of the light assembly.
I ran the touring shield for 6 months without the visor (I didn't have it). Now, with the repaired bike, it is there, and I kinda like how it looks, (although V-Fred thinks it might be on backward). Of course, I like the looks of the bags as well, (being a 'Geezer Glider'). If it is on backward from how I have it (brow bointed forward), I can't see how you would notice it. I'll have to look at that this evening.
The brow should be pointed back but I guess it would block light either way. Did you have any problems without it?
Sorry, I should have been more clear. No problems without it, and I can't see any difference - light on the shield-wise, with it. It may block a little of the air that slips through the hole between the shield and the light - especially as I have my shield all the way up. Here is a pic of the headlight.


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Yep, it's on backwards, kind of has a "Heritage" look. You need to do this :whack: with your dealer.
Thanks for the info Daniii, much apprieciated. BTW, Mark is right, but its your bike so do as you wish.:cool:
Yep, it backwards, but it looks pretry cool that way.
I have the Super Sport windshield that came with the Gold Key package thingy and I get all the wind in the face. Now am I reading this right: replace the plastic only with the Sport piece and the wind doesn't hit you right in the face any more?

Also, has anybody bought the new Detachable Touring windshield yet? It is huge, looks like it came off a 1942 FLA 45!!
I'm wondering how the brackets get on the fork tubes. The pictures don't show that they are simply clamped on. It looks like the tubes have to be pulled to get them on. It would be great to have that thing riding to Daytona and then zip it off while cruising around looking for a canasta game or shuffle board tourney:diablo:

BTW: Daniii, your bike looks all geezed out with that eyelid sagging out like that.:D
Thats the detachable shield I have on the bike. It works good only with the lowers also shown in the photo (you can get a second opinion from V-Fred). The mounts do clamp on - If you slide them up, be sure to trim the bolts.
I have to think about the hooded lens. It looks like something out of War of the Worlds.
I'll eventually decide if I want to turn it around. Here is a frontal shot. (PS: I lost the flames - they were too.... something)


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