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Willie G Davidson seat on vrscr?

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Hey guys,

I came across a Willie G Davidson seat on craigslist, and am wondering if it will fit on my vrscr. My seat pan is destroyed beyond repair from the last owner, and I sit funny on the bike as a result of it. I figured this wouldnt look bad on the bike if it would fit.

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Fits everything. Except VRSCR
Ok good, but what other seats(even other vrsc models) fit the VRSCR in addition to Corbin? My Mustang with the backrest was perfect for the VRSCA, but nothing for the R. I would consider to modify whatever fits to get the backrest back. Thanks
No other VRSC model seats will interchange with a VRSCR.

Corbin was the only aftermarket supplier to my knowledge to offer seats for the VRSCR.

The "Search" function will show your other options such as having an upholstery shop rework the stock seat.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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