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I have a hard time believing that after only 2 years in the market with a brand new concept HD is even thinking about throwing in the towel. This bike was NOT a sudden decision to build a new bike. Fortune 500 companies like HD spend $$$$ preparing for a new product launch, with lots of research. Is it the future of HD. IMHO yes. comply or die. The MoCo has to meet new and strict EPA requirements. This bike is the 1st return fire, to say "we can do it" Do they have to overcome the staunch HD owners of the shovelhead past. Damn right they do. A battleship the size of HD doesn't turn on a dime, and they have to step carefully to not piss off the old timers, while attracting the new guys (the 72% of us) Slow sales I would imagine were expected after the initial RUSH of new tech junkies (US) Now comes the slow steady climb of sales. Not only of the Vrod, but whatever the next remake of an old classic w/ the Revolution engine. I bet we will see a Sportster version and maybe even the Heritage w/ the water cooled detuned perhaps, version of the engine. As someone pointed out you need the cottage industries to participate, new product ideas from the big boys, like Arlen Ness, KuryAkun, Custom Chrome... etc etc etc.

The bike will be here for awhile.
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