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As an CPA and bike enthusiast I can say "careful with the statistics". Specially quarterly reports, they don't mean a lot in the big scheme of things. End of year figures are what is important.

As to a reason for decline in sales, what about the war and Greenspans uncertainty on inflation vs. interest rates, .... What about telling their dealers to cut the crap and cut their profit expectations a bit. Most dealers we now are trying to make the month by just selling one VRSC, I've seen them from 16.5K up to 21K (I was quoted the last figure at a local dealer!) for a stock bike with crappy rubber pegs.

Also, HD has to be more aggresive on their sales tactics here in the US. In Europe the VRod is the best selling bike (I believe) taking on such mainstays as the Ducati's, ...

I think HD should reinforce the accesory line and help/assist some aftermarket developers get going on some concepts. They should also take advantage that the Revolution engine is now "old" and start publishing/marketing based on the good track record it has.......

Heck, if Victory can sell the bikes based on their snowmobile reputation................

The VRod has a reputation of being an extremely expensive bike with little or no accesories available to it. Its a "RUB" bike as I've told before. Frankly, with the prices they want to charge, you have to be a RUB to be able to afford one.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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