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adamsg said:
First quarter sales were down almost 50% from last year, while every other HD bike catagory went up. I cant figure out why such a huge drop. What are the V-rod's compitition? Warrior, Vegas? Those sales have to be going somewhere. It would be a drag if the V fell by the wayside and really became the stepchild. Of course I would still love it. I just dont see how it cant be selling when everyone that sees mine says how great it looks, and as we all know the ride is awesome.
If sales are down that far, that is aproblem for Harley. Is that VRSCA salesor B, or combined? How are they doing Overseas compared to the US?

I think they should not have split the marque so finely with the B, rather concentrate on accessories, new gear etc and do something major with the motor - like a bagger with 6 gears and more torque with more technology to offer an alternative to the Ultra classic line maybe. :2cents:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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