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Who works on your V-Rod?

  • Quick Maintenance (oil changes, etc) by me, and dealer for heavy repairs

    Votes: 97 49.7%
  • Dealer does service and heavy repairs while I enjoy hot dogs with Cheatin

    Votes: 31 15.9%
  • No wrench is turned unless my hand is on it!

    Votes: 60 30.8%
  • Haven't ridden the bike enough to need either yet!

    Votes: 8 4.1%

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I had the dealer do the 1000 mile service but will do oil changes myself from now on. Also mounted the Rineharts and PC myself but have it at a dealer now for Dyno-tune and race-tuner install. Anyone interested in a PC USB used for about a 100 miles let me know.

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Where is the NOT ME option??? Seriously, every time I've tried to do anything, I break something, unless my DH and/or Christine are supervising me every moment. Really, one CAN survive without any knowledge of bikes whatsoever and still have a great time.

And, luckily, if something goes wrong, we have many extremely PATIENT members here to explain what a wrench is...
21 - 22 of 22 Posts