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ESPN, Fox, CBS, SI, etc.?

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I like CBSSportsline a lot. They are pretty pricey though.

Fanball isn't too bad, but its about the same price (10 per owner but allows 2 teams).

Yahoo is good for a free site, but if you want live stats its 10 bucks for the year (owner by owner basis).

ESPN is OK for a free site, but no live updates.

I've never tried SI, so I can't speak for them.

And last and definitely least, Fox sports sucked last year. For draft day, only 2 teams could get logged on the site for all the rounds. My team couldn't get logged on until 4 rounds into the draft and 2 of my 4 auto pics were WR's.

In my opinion:
1. CBS Sportsline
2. FanBall (exit42)
3. Yahoo
5. SI -- I've never used
6. Fox Sports
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