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Corbin has built a reputation of blantant customer dis-service, incredibly slow delivery times and poor-fitting products.

If you can't ride into their manufacturing facility and have them build the seat for you right there, you will probably be in for a long wait as Corbin is notorious for incredibly long delivery times.

As for fit, look under the seat of any Corbin be-saddled bike and witness how much paint and metal is scraped away from the frame and body panels. If tight tolerances are needed for the latching mechanism, be ready with a dremel, file and lots of patience.

If you want to complain about anything to Corbin, good luck.

As for comfort, Corbins are ROCK HARD. However, they're incredibly wide and flat. If you're a heavy person, the seating position provides a huge amount of surface area to spread out your weight and can be comfortable. If you're of average weight, Corbins are just painful.

I'd try any of the many other custom manufacturer's, like Sargents, Utopia, or Russell. Many of these firms offer an unconditional return policy. Corbin won't let you return their seats.
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