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Last year I had a biz trip planned to Florida, and I figured I'd like to pic up a new seat while I was over there. I had heard most of the ugly rumors about Corbin, yet I still decided to order a Hollywood Solo from them last year.

I called in my order directly to Corbin in Daytona (this was during bikeweek '03), and told them that I *had* to have it ready for me the following week. They promised it would be, and sure enough - it was waiting for me in the reception of my hotel in Tampa when I arrived there the followingweek. Considering that the saddle was made to order and shipped from Ca to Fl in about a week I was quite impressed with them!

As for the saddle itself I could not be more happy - top notch quality and fit, and a whole new level of comfort during long rides (500 mile + trips). The rear pillion was a tight fit, but required only some minor adjustments to a few bolts and it fit snug as a glove.

So long story short, I could not have been more happy with it!

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