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Wheel options revisited

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Just got back from a local motorcycle flea market and talked with the guys at Florida Kustom Wheel. Here's an update on their lineup

19x3 front wheel for the V-Rod available in any of their designs
18x5.5 rear available WITH cush drive adapter
Matching solid SS rotors
No 72 tooth pulley :(

Pricing is very reasonable, $720 - $750 for polished wheels, $240 for polished SS Rotors and $399 for Pulleys (but only in 63T and 70T)

One thing they said that peaked my interest is they will cut almost any reasonable custom design for that same price or just a slight setup charge. Of course radical designs will cost more.

They do everything in house with their own forging equipment and CnC, right down to the final polish. Chrome is available upon request.

Some random thoughts:

Those of you who are looking at other vendors that don't have 19x3 offers might have an alternative. Since FKW is an OEM supplier you can buy the 19x3 blank and have it sent to the wheel manufacturer of your choice.

Another option would be to take a design from one of the other builders, tweak it a little and have FKW build them

To remedy the 72T pulley issue you could buy either a 72T blank from someone who's making it and send it to FKW to machine or buy one of your wheel builder's solid pulleys and have it machined.

I may just have to put some pen to paper and come up with a custom design :)

FKW can be reached at (407) 321-9473
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Another option for wheels...

We take brand new stock V-ROD wheels (straight from the dealership) and cut our own designs as well as custom designs in them. $625 for the front, $525 for the rear, $325 if you send us your own wheels. This is not including chrome and the rear wheel is limited to one design - which is a slotted pattern similar to the stock pulley. Check out the V-ROD wheels section on our site, www.rmdbillet.com or see a few pics in the forum gallery.

Hey Derek -

Do you mean just the actual hubs or the entire wheel? This particular wheel is a 3-pc for a 280 tire.


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