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2015 night rod
I'm looking into purchasing what's the chances it's been fully thrashed
And not worth the buy?

List of mods
1300cc Hi Comp CP Pistons and Super seal rings
Cometic Hi Comp Head Gaskets
Genuine Bearings rods and crank
Cometic valve guide seals
New Head Studs HD
HD CVO Destroyer Cams Hi Lift
HD CVO Destroyer Throttle body
HD CVO Destroyer inlet tubes
HD CVO Destroyer vilocity stacks
HD CVO Injectors
K&N Air Filter
Barnet HD Clutch assembly
Heads and Ported and Flowed and ramps cleaned
The valve seats machined and reshaped
The heads where decked for more Comp and squish
Spring highest set
Rotating mass was balanced
The deck hight was altered
Cams set and wheeled
Tuned with Power Vision
Full VTN Black out kit ( motor and frame)
HD Performance Axel and Swing arm covers
What's the chances this things been

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Nay. Where's it at and how much?

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Odds are it was a weekend drag race toy (and this is assuming that those modifications were really performed/parts installed). This high likelihood = at a MINIMUM perform (or have a shop) a compression test. I suspect you will see some interesting results.

I know it's shocking....but most used cars are sold with a decent modicum of lies. WHAAAAT? :)
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