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What Saddle Bags are good ?

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Hello, I'm trying to find saddle bags for an 07 VRSCAW. Viking Bags looked like the best but they don't make them for V-RODs. If anyone uses bags, can you tell me what you have?


Bob M
Peabody MA
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I went with leather bags from a dyna.... they are readily available at swap meets for reasonable price ( $50 or so)
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how did you mount those bags? did you use brackets?

I ordered Viking Bags and just got them. Now I'm thinking that I wish I didn't. They said they can be used as throw over bags since their brackets wont work, but in the instructions is shows they have to be tided down to the brackets. I attached them as throw over putting the Velcro straps under the seat and mounting them as high as possible to stay above my stock VRSCAW exhaust.
The problem is that these bags are going to flop around a lot. I was thinking if they had D rings I could use bungee cords to attach them to something but I really don't think that would work.

about the Viking Bags. the seem to be bade very well but I don't like a few things. there is Velcro on the front and back of the lid and it is very strong. You have to hold the bag steads with one hand and pry the Velcro loose with the other. The top also extends pretty far down the side of the back. So when you open the top, the side part is now covering your view into the bag. It not a simple process.

If anyone else has similar bags, how do you attach them so they don't flop around. I don't think the stock bag brackets for an 07 VRSCAW would do any good with these bags.

I made brackets to mount the bags
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