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What Saddle Bags are good ?

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Hello, I'm trying to find saddle bags for an 07 VRSCAW. Viking Bags looked like the best but they don't make them for V-RODs. If anyone uses bags, can you tell me what you have?


Bob M
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You don't need special V Rod fitted bags from Viking - for instance their Large Laminar shock cutout bags will fit just fine, it's just that you'll have to build a custom bracket using what they supply with the bags or buy a set of H-D OEM bags & brackets they come up on e bay fairly often - get the part numbers for them and search e bay & google especially and you'll find them. You can also buy just the H-D OEM bracket for your bike and bolt the larger Viking bags to it, very secure and will fit perfect. I've got the H-D OEM bracket and H-D Nylon sport bags for my R Model and really like them, but one day I'll buy the Viking Large Laminar shock cutout bags and bolt to the H-D OEM bracket or adapt the quick disconnects to work on the Viking bags using the plate off the back of the H-D OEM nylon bags. BTW I'm a former Masshole - and good luck with your search ! (y):cool:
They're more expensive but the shock cutout Viking bags will clear the shocks and slide forward on the mounting bracket for a real nice fit with more room inside the bag. (y):cool:
Good question, no I don't have the Vikings yet but as I said when I do get them I'll probably mount them to the OEM H-D Quick release mount brackets mounted on the bike now and use the backplate off the nylon sport bags I have on the Vikings - that way they snap on & off - I don't think I would personally trust throw over bags of that size and potential weight they need solid mounting. So if I don't want to drill the QD back plates off the OEM bags I'll mount them solid to the OEM mounts on the bike using the provided Viking hardware. (y):cool:
Stock H-D brackets and Viking Large Lamellar shock cutout bags seems to me to be one awesome combination. To me if you can't pop them off with a Quick Disconnect lock they have less value, Viking gives you a bunch of bolts & spacers but if you use them you may bastardize the bike and they will not be quick disconnect. Buy a set or stock bags and brackets, when you get tired of them drill the QD brackets off the stock bags then attach them to the Viking bag. Now you got the best of both worlds. (y) :cool:
That’s exactly what I plan to do . Are muscle brackets QD?
Good question -I searched muscle saddlebags here and there are many photos of them & the brackets. I'm going to say they should be QD like the ones on my R model but they don't look like it - lots of bolts involved. Could possibly be made into QD by using Dzus 1/4 turn wing fasteners, there is info on that as well - search it and see what you think lots of info -(y):cool:
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