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I'm about to install my third set of front rotors on a bike that has a little over 11k on the odometer and original oem pads.

Here's the scoop:

I'm running CFR Wheels: and my first set of CFR rotors warped with a little more than 2k on them.

Changed Rotors this time with PM. Same deal, a little more than 2k and these are warping as well.

Never a problem with the rear.

Riding Habbits; typically include short rides. Combined HWY and rural back roads. More of the rural back roads through local twisties and horse/farm country. 70/30 split.

I don't ride brakes; I hate people that do that.

If anyone has any logical feedback, something they think I should check, or something that may have been overlooked I'm all ears.

Thanks in advance and ride safe!
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