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just a friendly warning for all that have custom dynamics rear indicators mounted (the one that comes installed on their mounting system ) ,

ive had a problem recently of all my left turn sigs not working with the switch or when i blinks for the alarm throwing the 1123 code ,anyway after unwrapping and disconnecting everything i could think of ,still no joy ,finaally tracked it down to somewhere under my fender ,turns out, what had happened was the little wire that come out the top of the leds for each side has been rubbing against the fender and the flat lip on the side of the fender has finally rubbed through the wire ,and caused it to earth and there for shorting out all the left side ,for now ive put a big dob of black silicon over the wire in that area ,and pushed the wire inwards ,
,hopefully this does the trick

hope this saves someone some pain in the future,and i will take a pic tommorrow ,even though ive siliconed it, the pic will show the area im talking about
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