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I posted the following in the Baggers forum before my 30 days of newbie forum member were up. Newbie status is officially over:

Looking to buy a set of Harley soft Sport saddlebags and brackets for my '06 R, Street Rod. Harley part number of the bags is 91136-07A, part number for the brackets is 91338-06 and if you happen to have the complete kit, the part number is 91200-06A.

If you have some to sell or know where I can buy a set for a reasonable amount, please let me know condition and price. I won't argue your price -- but I consider "reasonable" to be half or less, of list price ($550), depending on condition.

Just a FYI, I tried fitting a pair of Chase Harper throw over bags on the back of the R but, when positioned behind the shocks, they look like they want to slide off the back of the bike. I'm considering the Cortechs but thought I'd try to pick up factory bags if they were available.

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