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Where did you get from? I haven't really dug into it yet, but how is removing the stock baffle and replacing it with the new one?
I just ordered the damn thing from BioHazzard cycles where I bought the pipe to start with. The three bolts that hole it in or the end cap are red loctited in. Heat will make it easier to get them out. I did it cold and it was a bear to get them moving. I suggest a propane torch on the screw heads or better yet, break them free while still hot from a ride. Simple remove and install from there. I will post up the 3 different available baffles for this an soon. Measurements are bore ID. Ok, so one on left is the standard baffle the Akro ships with. it measures 36mm on the small end and 43mm big end. It's 72mm long. The middle one is the TUV103 db killer. It measures 36mm straight through and is 155mm long. The one on the right is the Yamaha baffle, TUV104. It measures 33mm straight through and is 155mm long. I feel the TUV104 is way to restrictive. The bitch would be the quietest of the bunch though


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