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I guess I do not look that close

I guess that I am not so critical of these things. Think of all the modifications each one of us has done to their scoots. This is because of dissatisfaction with looks/quality/finish, ect.....Not only to make it different. Because we do the same things as each other. (you should all be happy because I just deleted about 100 words where these parenthesis are)
I have owned this bike since February(although the season is generally from April until mid November) and Maybe,MAY-BE washed my bike 3 times. I rinse it off every few days , but I have got no time to knit-pick over spatter from welds, and such. Since I moved to H-D product in the mid 80's I have not had a new bike that did not have problems with fit,finish, loose parts, poor plating, bad electrical items. This bike is no different. Back when there was waiting lists(mid 90's until last year) , if you started shooting down stuff to the dealer, you try getting a bike next time. They would make it alot harder, or just plain offer you less for your trade as to shooo you off to another dealer. I am not scolding anyone, please do not interpret it that way. Just stating that a perfectionist will never be happy with what they have if they see flaws around every corner. That is what your warranty is for . If your scoot is laid up, the dealer should do you good somehow. Most do something to help. Especially(is that a word ?) , if it is your main source of transportation. Just my thoughts on this. Let the flogging begin. BobT
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