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I pulled this Screaming Eagle 16-gauge gunbarrel exhaust off my '03 VRSCA and wanted to post it up on here before I put it on eBay. I'm asking $200 + whatever the shipping is, they're long and heavy so I'm guessing it may cost $40 or so to get it packaged up and shipped. I know I paid a lot more than that for them and I don't think you can buy them anymore.

It looks really good mounted, the chrome covers are in great shape, and it sounds great. There are two spots of wear on them, neither really visible. One you have to look underneath the bottom pipe to see where it's scraped pavement a little when I've laid it all the way into a curve. The other place is a rust line right on the end edge of the top chrome cover. It's not noticeable unless you look for it. I tried to include pictures of both of these.

All parts to mount it come with it including screws, mounting plate, mounting straps. (I had to cut one mounting strap off but include it as well so the same size one can be picked up at a hardware or automotive store. It's a standard type hose strap.)

Let me know if you have any questions or would like other pictures. I'm traveling so might be slow in responding.
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