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VRSCA 4-6K misfire under load

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Need some help, I've read through as many posts as I can find on here and I'm still scratching my head as to what could be wrong with my bike...

The bike starts up and idles perfectly. When riding under half throttle i have no issues. When I give it more than 50% throttle *and only between 4000-6000 rpm** its stutters and spits and barely accelerates, but as soon as it pushes through that to 6000rpms it pulls like a mule no stuttering or spitting to redline.

History of actions:
New battery 5/18
Mobil 1 Oil 6/18
New spark plugs 7/18
Ran tank of gas w/ seafoam 7/18

Back history. Purchased bike with 1600 original miles from original owner who had let it sit in heated garage for 2 years and hadn't been started since its 1K service in 2016...
Bike has 1750 miles now. Has KN filter and SE pipes, unsure if it was ever tuned...

I did check my tank when under half full and looked in while running and didn't see any fuel spray since I read many threads about that fuel issue...

Please help! -Trae
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I'm going to try putting a PC3 and tune on it for the air cleaner and pipes this weekend.

I thought it may be running real lean, but I am in Colorado up at altitude and I brought this bike from ohio so dont know that lean makes sense??

Any opinions on if I should replace relays? Or since I already did plugs, try the coils?
Or do I need to get new injectors in there?

Help please! Need ideas...
the PC3 is cheap cost and worth the effort. may be a ecu loaded program but maybe not for the uphrades. the PC is your cheapest choice at the moment
Update: The PC3 and tune fixed my issue. Turned out the bike had SE pipes and air cleaner installed without a tune and so it must have been running extremely lean.
Very happy the correct tune took care of it
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