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Vrod muscle won't start

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I started my vrod muscle today before work and when I went to turn it off, I accidentally hit the start button instead of the killswitch. It shut off and now won't start. It clicks then the clicking starts getting slower and the dash starts flashing and resetting. I figured it may be the battery going bad,but it started up perfectly yesterday. Any ideas on what could be going on? Thanks!
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Did the starter engage when you accidentally hit the start button? I´m not sure (and I will not try it :) ) how the starter motor acts in that situation.
The starter might be toast if that accident engaged it.
Better be safe and take the starter out and check it.
Na, won't hurt anything. Sprague can't engage because engine is turning too fast for that. Starter and components will just free wheel.
Ok, that´s good to know because the kind of accident described in the first post could happen to me as well :)
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