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The most fun I have when riding with the aircooled guys (espacially the ones who have spent a fortune on big bore kits and other mods) is when the road opens up on a long up hill stretch and they start to give it some, I just roll it on and cruise by with a smile on my face.. :)

As for the price of the stuff in the UK, its easily solved but importing directly.. Even if you get nabbed for VAT (17.5%) it still cheaper, including the shipping, to get it in from the US than to visit the local dealership.. Its sad really that HD haven't done the math and worked out that the customers are going around the local dealers because their prices are over the top or they are being greedy and ripping us off.. (For those in the US, $1 = +- £0.5 but a part that costs $50 also costs £50 so its double the price).. Myself and some mates work out the bits we want and then place our orders together and share the shipping.. I know its not nice to do it to the local dealership but thats the joy of free enterprise..
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