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Please do not use this forum to spam us with your websites and home based business schemes.

It is to be used ONLY for the following:

1. Threads discussing your business transactions with CURRENT or PREVIOUS VENDORS or SPONSORS of the 1130cc. Please try to remain positive and courteous. If you are having an issue with a sponsor, please first try to contact them and give them the courtesy of trying to settle it before you post negativity here.

2. Products and/or current promotions or specials being offered to 1130cc Members. Again, you must be a current sponsor to post here.

3. Sponsors are asked to keep their commercial post in their designated sales forum and the vendor specials forum.

ALL SITE RULES APPLY with these exceptions

Sponsor can advertise in sig area their company name and URL, using the same general guidlines outlined in the forum rules

Sponsors can reply to a DIRECT request for cost info etc in the general forums.

Sponsors must use some tact when another sponsor appears to be "working" a post.

Moderation is at the staffs discretion

All other general rules apply. Sig size and content follows same rules other than as stated above. No spamming. No advertising outside the outlined areas above.

Please make all advertising inquiries to: [email protected]

Appreciate everyone's help in reporting violators as well.
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Not open for further replies.