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I just completed my winter project. I made a front fairing from scratch... I started with some cardboard and expanding foam... and it morphed.
I had Linear actuators custom built by Progressive Automations so that the fairing can tilt up or down on the fly. They have 150 lbs force each way and are 12VDC 5 amp draw each.
I fabricated the mounts, inner frame, all the body work myself and had a paint shop paint it. Everything I fabricated use existing bolts/bolt holes for the mounting so I can go back to stock if I wish.
I can feel the change of the downforce on the front end on the highway as I trim the nose (fairing). This also help aiming the headlight when I drop the pneumatic rear suspension.
I used a dual LED Daymaker headlamp and Night-Rod front signal lights. Using an old I-Phone 5 mounted I use the "Awesome HUD" app for the Digital GPS Speedometer and paired with a marine blue tooth amp and 5.25" Polk audio speakers. There is a front lockable trunk all lined to prevent any cargo from getting scratched.
The solo seat Pillion is a previous hand built complete with latch able glove box and a raised lower back support... great for when I crack the throttle.


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Very unique. Like the front storage. You should get a lot of looks on her.
VERY Cool! AWESOME creativity...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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