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As the description says, wtb VRSC collectible items, show me what you got.
Picture and private message ok.
No bike parts, thanks.


Picture for attention.

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This is a fun thread.
Pity no one is answering.
I’d be curious to see what people have.

I have accumulated a lot of Vrod collectors item in the last 17 years!
Those Vrod patches were already very rare when the Vrod was released (2002) but are now impossible to find. Especially in the 3 sizes (which I have of course).
Do NOT buy the cheap knock off from Asia (or at least do not pay top price for them!)
I also have a couple of those and they do not look anything like the original.

I also have Vrod pins, Vrod shot glass, fridge magnets, hat, models, leather jacket and many many Tshirts!

I’ll look for them and take pictures to post when I have a chance.
I might consider parting with some of them now that I have 4 other bikes. Especially if I have 2 sets (as a good collector, I always try to buy I for me and one to keep in original condition/ with tags and in box ;)

With 5 bikes it really becomes too much after a few years but it’s been fun so I’ll share.
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Vic Jacoby
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One of my collectables, Knut. Can't remember who I got it from: ;)

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