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V ROD Mid controls are all discountinued ?

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All I wanted to get mid controls on my Muscle with Akra exhaust....

I wanted the Rizoma one PE259B + PE261B => Discountinued !

Then I see It could fit with the Harley mid controls (very tight) the 50700013 + 42268-08A => Seems not available or discontinued....

I'm trying to fin the Colony VT 22-723...

The BadLands on cost a lot and it's not real Mid Controls...

Do you know if we can adapt an another mid control (in reality I love the Rizoma position one) with some work ?

If yes which one is the best to adapt..

Thanks for your help !
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The Harley mids won't work with your exhaust.
Make sure you have your H-D dealer search the H-D.Net network - I've found lots of discontinued parts at individual dealers and even got some at big discounts because its dead inventory and they want to turn it into $. Just remember to do your research - I got a Bub 7 exhaust to fit my R model with some tweaking, the proper bracket off E bay and 16 hours of trial and error ( and precision drilling ) so anything is doable - Research, Research, Research, and then EXECUTE.
The Harley mids won't work with your exhaust.
Thanks but I plan to change exhausts (seems to fit very thight with the Akrapovic one)
Hoooooo loordd I've seen the light !! And the position seems to be perfect...

What do you think if I take this as a support :


And the Pegs from BadLand (try to partially order the kit)

What do you think of this plan ?


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I would love to see a picture of those mounted
Also saw one on Ricks motorcyle :


I ve ask them if they sell it.... I'll keep you informed...

[EDIT] They don't sell it, it's from zeel...
Ok ok just found the last HD mid controls in in all the HD network :D

Now it's time to play baby !!!

It was a treasure hunt ! Now have to choose my exhaust
Will the mid controls work with a stock exhaust on the Muscle?

What part numbers did you buy?
I don't think they will work with the stock exhaust.
Well I just got my 2016 V-Rod Muscle 5 days ago. I need some clarification on what changing to “mid controls “ really does.

Is it moving just the foot pegs?
Does this include the shifter?
Rear brake lever?
How about the handlebars?

When I call dealers the parts guys really have no idea, and tbh, I don’t either. Please help!
Hi guys, I have a 2015 Muscle, and I just installed the mid controls to it, Harley in fact discontinued this kit but I was able to get a set from a dealer in Florida that had it in stock. It won’t fit the Muscle with the stock exhaust and passengers pegs, I have to relocate the pegs with the DX mountings and I also have Fitzgerald Ground Pounder exhaust. After you install the kit you have to take the bike to the dealer for them to bleed the rear brake, there is no other way to bleed it without being hooked up to their computer due to the ABS system. I love how it handles with the mids.


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Can you post your part numbers, I’d like to buy this kit too!
The mid controls kit part # is 50700013, you will also need the brake line from the rear master cylinder to the ABS HCU part # 42285-08.
The passenger foot pegs brackets are from an AW, same as the DX but without the exhaust hanger, part # 51180-07 for the RH, and part # 51723-07 for the LH.
I have a 2015 DX with the Akra exhaust and would like to switch to mid controls as well. Any suggestions on which sets fit?
I have a 2015 DX with the Akra exhaust and would like to switch to mid controls as well. Any suggestions on which sets fit?
According to the AKRAPOVIC Webb site the Harley kids won't work with their exhaust.
I have Harley mids and Akrapovic exhaust on my Muscle. Just not easy to do, particularly muffler bracket.
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