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:banghead: I went out for a ride today and stopped by Mikes in New Castle today. Guy had an Anniversary bike there,looking to trade it in on a bagger.(?) It had every thing except saddlebags on it. Windshield,Chrome wheels,calipers, chrome levers,master cyls etc.Chrome swingarm and pass peg mounts. Sundowner,200metz,turn sig/brake light conversion, ST pipe.Even had chrome speakers mounted on the handlebars for a CD or MP3 player. Strange triangular shaped footboards Had pinstripe flames on the bodywork. Hd to have 4 to 5 grand in it 3500 miles. damn shame,hes gonna take a beating on it.tried to find him inside( did'nt try too hard).Shoulda bought the bagger to begin with. :banghead:
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