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V MWT Photo Prints

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Here's the list of the people who said they wanted a print-

********* 11x14
rsc 11x14
Steve 11x14
Stomper 11x14
Rickg61 11x14
FusionGrind 11x14
Steve 11x14
CPTJAM (what ever size I did before for you?)
wild1 11x14
Fishtank 11x14
YakityYak 11x14
Baby Huey 11x14 (2)

3olive- if you want the file I can send it to you. I have no problem with anyone printing/copying these.

How about $11 for the 11x14?
That will include shipping in a photo mailer.
That's my good portrait resin coated paper- I can't make them as cheap as Wally World can- heck I can't even buy the materials for what they sell prints for!

So if anyone wants to take up Elizabeth on her offer, that's perfectly ok by me too.

If you still want one you can just PayPal to [email protected]

I can print them next week or anytime they are wanted.
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whats the word????
I was going to ask if anyone had received any pics yet.
Not being pushy, just asking.
Thanks Again Jeff.

I was going to ask if anyone had received any pics yet.
Not being pushy, just asking.
Thanks Again Jeff.

Yeah, just suprised there is absolutely no news on what was going on.
nothing.........hope Jef's OK
Some one needs to call Jeff.

Anyone have the number?

whats this pict look like?
I hope this is going to be Christmas Present...LOL

Anyone get in contact with Jeff?
last time he went walkabout he was over in the maxes gun forum,
Has anyone heard from Jeff? His last post was 13 Sept 2010.

No..dang I forgot all about that pic I bought...bummer.
So no one has gotten pics yet then?
Or a refund either?

Nope. I hope he is OK. Joe
I called and left him a voice message and nothing...I hope he is okay too.
Anyone call vinny and see if he can get in-touch with him.
I've called several times and received '0' responses.
anyone check over at the guns forum for his last activity
Bump, all of my inquiries have yielded no response. Anyone else that can check on Jeff?
21 - 39 of 39 Posts
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