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spit happens
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ElrodontheV-Rod said:
I installed the V-mods night before last and rode ot to work.the exhaust is a little louder than expected.When I pulled out on the high-way It did'nt feel the same, the weight difference was that noticeable.I had to shift quicker and it got to speed way faster.What a difference with just one bolt on part.Took it buy Harley(they never heard of MCC) or Steve and Chris.Any way last night Mike a salesman called and wants me to bring it by for some customers and tech's to see and hear.MAN I think thats cool as doggy doo!Riding to work again today.

Elrod on the V-Rod
My old dealer also wanted me to bring mine by, but they wanted to show off my Supertrapp.;) Off topic but I had the same expierience as you.Felt great!
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