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:dance: Hi
Did anyone install the new V-Mod Steel Ideas CHROME RADIATOR GRILL SET?
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I too would be curious to hear of any member's experience. I'm a little gun shy after my BPP experience. If Steve carries them I'm sure they are good quality, however I'm a little surprised at the price.
Hi Craig
I got theme and will try to put theme on the bike later today.
We will see how they look and if the price is worth it....
I heard of bikes overheating

This was just when dyno testing but the bikes overheated.
Hi Rick
Well in Israel it gets very hot in the summer, so if I have a overheating problem, the grills will be off ASAP.
I will check if I will have overheating problem and let you know!!!
Can you be more specific about who you heard this frrom? I have had them on mine for 2 months now and have had no problems. Oil temp stays in the 190-195 range.

VrodRick74 said:
This was just when dyno testing but the bikes overheated.
OK its on, and it looks graet, much better then what I have seen on other V-Rod.
I will try to take pics over the weekend and let you see.
Still not sure about overheating problem, we will have to wait and see.
So far it looks like Steve has another Great product!!!!
Don't get them. I had to take mine off. Overheated on the Dyno while trying to tune my bike with PCIIIusb & ST's.
I must ask, "did you have Steal Ideas Guards on"?
Thanks: Steve
Did you ever think that when running on a dyno, there is not ample air movement against the rad, other than your fan?
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