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I had this heel & toe shifter on my 05 Road Rod - selling it now because it won't work on the Muscle that I got as a replacement.

Chrome is in excellent condition w/no cracking or peeling. Mounting bolts for pegs are included.

It should fit any VRSC with forward controls, except for the Muscle (left exhaust gets in the way). One way it could work on even a Muscle is if the stock exhaust was replaced with a single-sided exhaust like a SuperTrapp 2-1, but this is not the direction in which I'm going with the bike.

It will also fit even with an engine guard installed - this is different compared to some models like the one from CycleVisions (which can't be mounted with an engine guard installed).

You can view pics of it mounted on the V-Mod website:

Retail (for chrome version) = $319.95

Thanks for looking...Q


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