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V&H 2in1 Comp Series exhaust on VRSCF lower dB levels

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Hi All,

I have a V-Rod Muscle 2011 and installed V&H 2in1 Comp Series exhaust, it did not pass noise test and clocked in at 106dB, in order to pass UK IVA noise test it has to be 99dB max.

So I order a quiet baffle from V&H (7-60093) do you think it will help to lower dB levels?

I still have Original muscle exhausts which are rated at 88dB however since I now have a 360 rear, the exhaust on the left will not fit.

Any suggestions on how to lower dB's on 2in1 other than the quiet baffle? Would V&H FuelPak help to reduce it?

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Quiet baffle will be your best bet. If that does not pass you might be able to pack the side of the baffle with some extra muffler packing.
Install the quiet baffle, if not enough put a cork in it's A$$ and install the old thumbscrew in the pipe trick and have it turned 90 degrees to the flow just to get it to pass the test, then remove it afterward. The other permanent solution is to buy a longer muffler that you could adapt to fit by welding the V&H fwd. piece on it. Look at the V&H Pro pipe where the outlet gets larger that lowers the frequency and the length of it quiets it down. It's difficult to keep the open flow for power and quiet it down simultaneously unless you go to a longer muffler or two mufflers on that pipe. There is an Akropovic Two Carbon muffler setup ( one inlet ) that's killer but it's around $ 800 and would require you to build a mid pipe to attach it to so not easy or cheap. If you just want to pass the test do the quiet baffle and thumbscrew trick it'll work.
Hi streetrodracer,

Not gonna lie to you I had to google "thumbscrew in the pipe" as I have never heard of it before, will probably end up doing that if installing quiet baffle wont help. Also when I remove muffler from my 2in1 I expect that the muffler fiberglass packaging will need to be changed, what fiberglass would you suggest? ebay? any links?thanks
You want to search stainless steel packing online, I bought it here in the US, and put in my Bub 7 muffler, it quiets it down and will not blow out like fiberglass, that fluffy stuff is a temporary joke. I tried the thumbscrew on my exhaust and it really works, but cuts power when turned from 45 to 90 degrees but you should pass the test ! Good Luck !
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