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Booster Plug & Motorcycle Fuel Injection

I had a hard time adjusting my TFI controller so the bike ran good both on cruising and acceleration. In my search for answers I found this article that I believe describes how the controller changes the fuel in a good way.


If anyone is interested I ended up with
Green 2
Yellow 7
Red 4
Have a look at this;


Also on the same web page of the above link at the lower left hand side you can get a free download of a manual titled Motorcycle Fuel Injection. Interesting read. I don't know if the Booster Plug would help in your situation or not. But I've read a lot of articles and reviews on the Booster Plug and have never seen any negative reviews. It doesn't promise to give you a plug&play 20 HP like a lot of BS articles do. It makes your ECU believe it's twenty degrees cooler than it actually is so your ECU gives you about 6% more fuel in the lower RPM ranges and most bikes run smoother all around with less decibel popping.
The following is a quote from the Web Bike World website where they did a review of the Booster Plug a few years ago. All reviews that I have seen say the same thing;
"Simply put, the Booster Plug makes the Fuel Injection Engine Control Unit think that the ambient air temperature is 20 degrees Celsius (plus/minus one degree) lower than it actually is and accordingly the Engine Control unit makes the mixture richer by a specific amount.
This specific amount is six (6) percent), which should result in faster and more stable (smoother) throttle response, improved acceleration and a reduction of low speed response issues typical of lean burn engines including back-firing or pressure build-ups in exhaust systems, particularly aftermarket items. "



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