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ULEZ London Emissions Charge

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Hey guys anyone figured a way out from the new ULEZ charge for pre 2007 models? I have a 2003 vrod and even harley cannot give a certificate of what the NOx emissions are for the bike? This will become more of a nightmare come 2021 as they extend the zone....
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GEEZ - Good luck on that ! My '97 Triumph 3 Cylinder 900 came with catalysts in the pipes - is your bike a Euro Model or imported from U.S. and does it have Cats ? Harley has the specs, and it should be public knowledge in areas where the bikes were imported into a country with emissions requirements. You may not be able to get the exact #'s quickly but if the bike was imported into country A with emissions at level A with a max measured level of such and such pollutants A & B and output per mile at least you would know it was accepted and what level the bike and engine were below. Harley claims the tightening restrictions were one reason to ax the V Rod line so there's that - hopefully your bike won't be banned. The EU would probably prefer you ride an electric bike likely charged by coal or uranium ( and maybe some windmills ) where the pollution is outside the city. Good Luck !!
It is a long story. The bike was a US bike imported to Japan where I bought it and then imported to the UK. The UK papers when imported do not mention anything on emissions so try and go through the Japanese papers. I thought that when they produced the vrod they went through California standards which were higher than usual standards but indeed the dealer (warrs kings road) mentioned the story of vrod getting axed because of higher standards but they also claim they do not have the specs for bikes pre 2004, will call a few other dealers to see if any luck.... Indeed the EU is a mess with these weird rules that they come up with...
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