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ugh....headlight fuse

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I tried replacing my stock headlight with a Wismac LED light (don't recommend this) and i think i blew a fuse. the light did not work.

when i tried reconnecting my stock headlight, it did not work. Where is the fuse for the headlight??
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Ok, i will answer my own question and then share a finding. I found the fuse under the pillion seat. It was blown.

So decided to go back to the stock headlight and deal with it. When i put it back on, i tilted it very slightly upward. Tonight when i went on a ride it was like i had a completely new light - long powerful beam (actually sort of shaped like a "V") that nicely lit up the path. High beam was much better as well. So good that i am going to keep this set-up and it does not feel like settling.
If you're keeping the stock housing, there are a few options that work pretty well; you can go HID or LED-- both options will get you more light output. You'll just have to be careful when you adjust the headlight bucket as the light can be quite blinding to oncoming traffic due to the design of the reflector. I had the HID kit listed below and was quite pleased with it. I only swapped it out because I went with a billet housing from Altered State Design. Note that with the HID, you'll have to hide the ballasts; they're slim, but it's still something to deal with. Since I'm Topless, I just put them in the very front of the airbox. LED tech wasn't available when I did my setup, but at this time, I'd certainly consider them-- the only issue is that most have cooling fins/fans on the back, and the fitment between the back of the bucket and the frame neck might be problematic.

I like the SoCalMotoGear products personally-- I used both their single HID and dual HID kits and liked them both very much.

HID: http://www.socalmotogear.com/Harley-V-ROD-HID-KIT-BI-XENON-HI-LO-BEAM-p/hdvh11.htm

LED: http://www.socalmotogear.com/Harley-V-ROD-LED-CONVERSION-HIGH-PERFORMANCE-p/hdvrkt-led.htm

Bear in mind that for HID if you replace both high and low (for both HID and LED, actually), you really need to make it so that the low beam stays on when the high-beam is triggered. (ESPECIALLY HID as it takes a few seconds for the filament to warm up when you switch low to high-- and you're riding in the dark until that happens). Here's the easy, free and non-wire cutting way to do it-- the "FBJ Mod": https://www.1130cc.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3617786&postcount=419

The next other option is to use a REPUTABLE plug and play bucket-- some of the Chinese ones (although cheaper) are hit or miss. Here's an example to what I'd consider a reputable "plug and play one"-- no dog in the fight, other than I've worked with them before and they seemed very stand-up with good products: http://www.socalmotogear.com/PATHFINDER-HD7DRLB-LED-PROJECTOR-LED-HEADLAMP-p/hdvrod.htm

Finally, you could consider something from Altered State Design. The manufacturer (KillerVrod / Keith) is a long-time forum member here. IF YOU TALK TO HIM, he can make you one of his lights that's completely plug and play; i.e., you won't have to cut your harness and do any splicing. His work isn't cheap, but you're paying for quality. The billet ring looks pretty awesome on the bike. https://www.alteredstatedesign.net/daymaker

If you go to my looooong thread "The Modifications Begin" and start reading down from post 767, you'll see a lot of pictures of what the Altered State headlight looks like, high/low beam patterns, etc. https://www.1130cc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=169902&page=52

Actually, if you wade through my "The Modifications Begin" thread, you'll find information on various bulb swaps, pictures of the HID install and light pattern, and obviously the Altered State setup, as I've experimented on a lot of lighting options over the course of several years of modifications. There's a LOT of other good ideas (at least I think so) on what you can do to your F as well in there-- but it's going to take a fair amount of time to read! ;)

Good luck-- hope the information helps!

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on that website there is an optional bulb (copied from site below)

Optional: (Please select when adding to cart)
1PC T1050W T10/194 TYPE LED BULB

What is the optional bulb for? I only see 2 bulbs on the stock light.
No idea-- as I said before, I did the HID before the LED's became practical, so I really don't know a lot about them.

It could be bulb color, or size of heat sink, or even fan/no fan.

BUT, if you email or call them I'd expect that you get an answer.

biggest drawback to the LED buckets is that the housing isn't as deep front to rear as the stock H4 headlight bucket. So, when properly adjusted there is a noticeable gap between the headlight trim, mounted to the forks, and the LED headlight bucket. Works great, just doesn't look quite as good as stock.
My 06D is a dual low-hi single bulb- this one works great - Halogen.
Same power draw-much brighter-no ballast or cooling fan fitment issues

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