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jcolodny said:
Ozzy did another fine job as usual. Can you give us the details on the wheels, and other mods?
OK John, you asked for it, so here it is:

Ozzy ghost flames w/ghost HD script (My #1 mod!)
Pro-one Storm chrome wheel & rotors up front
chrome axle nut covers
chrome calipers (front)
chrome fork sliders
Progressive springs
HD braided stainless idle & throttle cables
HD flame grips
HD chrome switch caps & switch housings
HD chrome master cylinders & covers
golf club mirrors
Doc's LED front signals relocated to triple tree
Ozzy's translucent chrome turn signal lens covers
Ozzy's chrome clamshell
HD chrome triple tree & bolts
HD braided stainless hoses
HD chrome levers
HD chrome shift & brake pedals
chrome OEM shift linkage
HD chrome jiffy stand
braided stainless rear brake line
HD chrome upper & lower belt guards
HD chrome swingarm & swingarm bolt covers
chrome OEM pulley
chrome OEM rear wheel
chrome calipers (rear)
200 Metz
polished rear rotor
RMD Billet sidemount (removed dog's a$$ and saddlebag brackets)
Doc's stage 2 light
Skullman modified rear shocks (cut 1")
HD chrome rear axle covers
HD chrome passenger footpeg brackets
HD slotted chrome & rubber VRSC footpegs (front & passenger)
chrome shock mount bolts & spacers (not yet installed)
chrome OEM compensator bowl (not yet installed)
Chris' superwhamadyne DoD sticker mount
Samson short slashers w/ SE stage 1

That about covers it...The funny thing is, haven't seen the completed bike in person yet. Wife took photos and mailed to me on CD while my boat is out. Short port calls are allowing me to keep up with the VRF.

Special thanks to Sean for the skins - they're awesome!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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