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I apologize if my post sounded whiny as that was not at all my intent. I am very grateful you sent me this tune to get started with as it is by far the closest thing out there for me to work with. My airbox is not topless. Anthony Rodrigues in Australia recently tested this out on his dyno with, without and with a modified airbox. No difference in whp or any kind of noticeable AFR running either of the 3 different methods. So I just leave mine on.

I've since learned that when my bike was on the dyno it was cold and it was hitting the cold 8k rpm rev limiter. You can see at 8k rpm the numbers were still climbing so I have no doubt in my mind that the numbers are better. I was more frustrated with my track times which is a guarantee'd rider error as there were guys with the same mods running upper 11's and my absolute best time was a 12.22 at 110.97.

Fitzgerald was not logging AFR as it was a dyno day and they were trying to get 30+ bikes onto the dyno for a couple quick pulls. It was also insanley humid as it was a very hot and wet weekend and some bikes were down as much as 10whp from previous years.

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Hey brother no worries I didn’t take your post or whiny or anything. Sorry if I came off like that also. For sure that’s why I share my tune, I know it may not be perfect for everyone, but at least it’ll be a head start on some aspects. I take all feedback that anyone gives and consider it, as we all have something to pitch in.

If your bike was cold enough to be pulling RPM, it may have been also cold enough to be pulling timing, or something else. Hard to know at this point really.

My entire tuning started from the beginning as running my air box topless. Since I went with Fuel Moto, and their tunes are supposedly for topless, I went with that. It also says so on their dyno charts on the website. But It definitely is not the first time I hear about the topless not doing anything for HP. I say pick one and stick to it.

Heat and humidity is never good for runs either on track or dyno. Maybe those contributed to your 1/4 mile run time.
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