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When I bought my new 2014 Muscle, I got the dealer to go half with me on a new tuner. We went with a Supertuner and the bike was dyno tuned. The tune was horrible, worse than stock, and when I decided to auto-tune it I discovered that the auto-tune function of the Supertuner doesn't work on VRods.

The dealer agreed to swap me a new TTS, even though the Supertuner was technically non-returnable, because I don't think they knew the VRod wasn't supported.

I got the new TTS in and went to do some VTuning over the weekend, only to find that wouldn't work. It kept insisting on having an MT8 calibration when only MT7 calibrations are available for VRods. I emailed TTS on Sunday. On Monday, I had a reply from Steve Cole that they were looking into it. By Monday night, they had a fix and we used the new Live Support feature of Mastertune 2 to allow Steve to install it to my laptop on Tuesday. Problem solved! Now that's Tech Support!

On top of that, there are some very nice improvements to Mastertune 2, not the least of which is the Flight Recorder, which now allows you to configure the interface on your laptop at your desk, then take it to the bike and go for a Vtune ride without taking a laptop!

I flashed the base calibration for a 2014 VRod, which is based around just a high-flow air cleaner and stock exhaust. Even with my Vance & Hines slip-ons mounted, that base calibration was orders of magnitude better than the so-called "dyno tune" that was on the bike. After just one Vtune pass, it's already running quite well. A couple more passes and maybe some fine tuning of the Accel and Decel tables, along with some spark adjustments, and she'll be running like a top.

Can't recommend TTS highly enough!
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