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MOVE !!!!!!!!
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Brothawolf hooked me up. I was a bit skeptical at first seeing on how he has a 1130cc and I have 1250cc but upon comparrison to a few other maps his didnt show any real drastic changes. With the other map I had I had no power and it felt like I hit a wall or a flat spot at 70mph!! It seemed all out of whack. Brothawolf was boasting on how he had power through all gears and he was right. I put it in and was like holy shit this map is awesome. I got my smile bike and almost had the same feeling of when I first bought the bike :D. Now dont get me wrong I'm still getting a autotune but now I dont have my butthole puckered on my way to work wondering if this ride is my last :D.

Thanks again brothawolf.


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