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I just jumped onto this thread and found out about the accident. Man, I'm sorry to hear about it. And hope all ends up in your favor.
I know what you mean about the Forum -- I was talking to a close riding friend in my office today and was telling him about what another friend had said and he asked me to repeat the name -- I realized that I was quoting a "forum friend". This forum is a good thing -- for all of us.

Get well.

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That was a SWEET bike Frank, but the main thing is you. (Its just a bike)-
Keep telling yourself that !

Living in Los Angeles and riding a bike
I'm always on the defensive, but that goes everywhere unfortunately....

Be well.

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Like LENELSA said.

It wasn't broken until the crash. Actually a very beautiful V-Rod you already had Frank. You have very good taste. If it ain't broken don't fix it! Learn from what you would have done differently and let us in on it.

I would recc to go with a similar mindset so you don't end up with a neon colored "sport cruiser" wannabe. HULK theme maybe?

HEAL, HEAL, HEAL. +vibe!

:2cents :jeannie:
81 - 86 of 86 Posts
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