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Totaled my V-Rod Tonight

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Call me crazy, but I just wanted to TELL everyone to be careful and WATCH OUT for uncaring cage drivers. I am on my way to the hospital just after they unload my BABY from the wrecker. :1: I refused to be taken by ambulance to the hospital until I was sure my bike did not get more damage from being towed. I was T Boned at 40 mph. I will fill you in when I get back from the hospital.
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Thats almost what happened to me yesterday, except it was broad daylight. In my case, the cager stopped completely across the road, blocking all possible exit routes. I was locked in the rear, and full tilt in front. Pretty scary. Stopped 2 ft from drivers window. Got my adrenaline up, for sure. We are apparently invisible. :whack: PS: loud pipes probably wouldn't have helped.
Frank Storms said:
I was riding on a five lane road, two in each direction and a center turn lane. I was traveling about 40 to 45 mph in the far right lane. It had just turned dark.
Many condolences on your accident, Frank - and best wishes for a speedy recovery (both physical and fiscal!)

If I might make one observation: I have found that in general you are much safer riding in the left lane of urban multi-lane undivided highways - and precisely to avoid accidents such as befell you.

By riding in the left lane you minimize the angle that motorists entering the highway from the right have to turn in order to see you. Older drivers especially do not always have the ability to turn their heads sufficiently to see that the highway is clear before entering. Furthermore, by riding in the left lane, even if a driver DOES enter the highway from the right, you should be safe, since he will most likely turn into the right lane.

You do need to keep an eye out for oncoming drivers turning left in front of you - but these present about an equal hazard regardless if you are in the right or left lane.
You must have a tough hide! And the adrenalin rush was enough to let you run on a fractured leg too, man, the human body is amazing. I watched people on the news walking out of the wreck of the Sari club in Bali, who died later. Their body was so shocked and full of adrenalin they were able to walk but later couldn't fight on.
Hey Frank,

Very sorry to hear this and happy that you could type to us and confirm you are well "sort of OK". You make it sound like its no big deal but from your description you must be in a lot of pain and that is just not fair.

I do hope you recover well and in a timely fashion. I think a campain towards better awareness of riders should be established. Don't know how but the government must do something.

I did not take my bike out this weekend because I'm afraid of car drivers specially during holidays. Something about holidays, lots of food, alcohol and driving that is not compatible; duh...

Well, get well soon my friend.

By the way, where was this?

Someone mentioned about a rider down in Miami when I was at Everglades Holiday Park yesterday morning.

Only thing more dangerous than "lots of food, alcohol and driving" is a car full of kids, just leaving the "Toys-R-Us" store. Thats gotta completely frazzle anyone. Shopping is really dangerous for everyone.
I agree, Daniii. Let's cancel Christmas this year! :diablo:

It happened two miles from my home in Miami.
Frank, just a note to wish you a speedy recovery. I hope she was insured, since around here, about 80% aren't. Thanks for the info... good lesson for all of us.

like it was stated before,
the hell with the bike it can be repaired/replaced.
where you cannot so easily.
i have had many close calls myself and came out o.k. by gods good grace of waking the ass up behind the wheel suddenly to either stop or swerve last minute.
so take care of yourself first,enjoy the holidays,file a lawsuit against the jackass that rammed you,then go buy another vrod!
and enjoy!
wishing you gods speed on your recovery!
Wow! I am glad you are ok and this did not scare you from riding. I have a couple of freinds that will never ride again because some idiot cut them off and caused an accident. I have had a few close calls, I pulled over once cause I was so startled. I just assume no one ever sees me and I have to be very cautious. But even if I did that, I would have been hit in your case. I am glad you are ok and I wish you the best of luck with your new V-rod!
Frank, glad to hear you're OK. Hope you and your bike get well soon!
I somehow flubbed and a double-post resulted. :(

Sorry to hear of your loss and injuries. Hope you have a speedy recovery so you can get to enjoy your new ride. We have to be more careful out there because the cagers sure aren't. :mad:

Take care,
Drove by the spot of my near miss on Saturday - saw a 15 foot skid mark. Be careful out there.
Frank thank goodness you are back in one piece.

I hope everyone reading this thread, who would like to be as fortunate as Frank should the situation ever present itself, is paying attention to lessons he has learned and the changes he is making.

I am buying some chaps.
Sorry for being so slow to respond and sorry to hear about your accident. I've enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday until today so this is the first I had seen of your accident. I'm glad to see you appear to be doing well in spite of your injuries.
Prayers from Jersey

Hopeful for a speedy recovery. Glad to hear you are alive! 40mph Tbone, ...jesus.

Take care.

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