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Totaled my V-Rod Tonight

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Call me crazy, but I just wanted to TELL everyone to be careful and WATCH OUT for uncaring cage drivers. I am on my way to the hospital just after they unload my BABY from the wrecker. :1: I refused to be taken by ambulance to the hospital until I was sure my bike did not get more damage from being towed. I was T Boned at 40 mph. I will fill you in when I get back from the hospital.
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Sorry to hear about the wreck, Frank. Hope you recover fast. Having been in a wreck recently I sympathize with you! And after you're feeling better you'll really get pissed about the bike! Get well soon.
frank, glad to hear you are ok...the bike can be replaced, but you can't.
wish for you a fast recovery :biker:
REally glad to hear that you survived! Now you get to build a new bike using experience from the other one. We have guys jumping out of 30 million dollar planes quite a bit....don't worry about the machine...you can get another (as much as that sucks!) and help others learn. Glad you're still with us. - Crash
Glad it wasn't worse Frank! Heal up fast my friend.

Jeese, pretty banged up for a bloke that waited so lonf to go to hospital! You must have been in agony. I dinged up my shoulder (fractured the collarbone in a couple places) coming off my push bike as a kid. The after hours surgery twit said I was bruised. 3 days of school later I told my folks, take me to a dam doctor, I am not exaggerating, something is wrong and I don;t give a flying ****kk what that idiot said. They were very apologetic after seeing the xrays!
Very Sorry,Hope you can get back on soon!
Best: Steve
Glad that you survived it.
Heal well. The bike's replaceable, you're not.

good luck
Frank I was glad to come back and see that you had posted more information. I can't believe that you stopped and posted before you went to the hospital. I know it doesn't mean much now but chrome can be replaced it's the skin and bone that we are concerned with here and I for one am glad you survived but it sounds like you took one hell of a shot.

Best wishes and get well soon.


Sorry to hear about the accident, but it sounds like you're on your way toa full recovery. Heal quick, and have fun rebuilding your ride!

I think Frank just wanted to be some place safe thats why he checked in with the Forum. It's kinda like home.
Glad to hear you are OK, there are plenty of new v-rods available, but only one you! The new bike will come in time. Heal up and share your experiences with us when you are up to it!

Frank, glad to hear you are home. Too bad about the cager deciding you wanted to play demo derby. The bike is small in relation to the overall picture but seeing something you love and took so much time on tumble does make ya sick.

Take care and put the screws :whack: to the bastage!

Rebuild or 04'

dude , whats it gonna b...........fix old or buy NEW?
I love my 03' but the o4' vrsc B's r HOT(agree or disagree?)
Shout back soon , Hpoe your OK groovy V

Sorry to hear about your accident. The only important thing is that your OK. Get well soon.

This is why we have insurance. Make sure that cager pays for his ignorance. :sinister:

Hope everything turns out for the good! Take care.
Doug -n- Lisa
I can imagine how bad you must have felt seeing your bike laying there. Most of us can appreciate your thoughts lying with the bike eventhough you own parts are banged up as well. But as most also say - heal the body, it is the only one you got!

Take care,

I have been busy with work/holidays and haven't been on line in a while... I wish you a speedy recovery and a ruthless lawyer to keelhaul the son of a bitch that is responsible. Beer for my horses!

Frank - glad to see you are already thinking about upgrades. We are all curious as to accident details. Whatever happened, we might be able to learn avoidance techniques.....

I was riding on a five lane road, two in each direction and a center turn lane. I was traveling about 40 to 45 mph in the far right lane. It had just turned dark. A lady in a 96 Chevy pulled out of a blind drive way behind a store. She hit me at an approx. 45 degree angle on the exhaust side of the bike. I swerved to miss her and probably would have if she would have stayed in the outside lane, but she was trying to get across both lanes to get into the turn lane. Her cage slammed into the bike and from that point on I had no control. The bike came down hard on the exhaust and the handle bars and then continued to roll side over side until it came to a stop on the exhaust side. I went down over the bike on my left forearm, left hip, left knee and my right hand. I did not roll over, I skidded approx. 75 feet in that position. As SOON as I came to a stop I was up and running after the cage screaming you WRECKED by bike.


My Baby: exhaust destroyed, handle bars destroyed, clutch lever bent, front break lever bent and broke off, both mirrors destroyed, wind shield scratched, shift lever and lower frame bent, left air shock scratched, swing arm bent, frame bent and some other scratches. Overall the V-Rod came out OK for flipping over five times. This is one tough ass bike.

Me: Fractured left arm, fractured left leg, fractured right wrist, road rash on left forearm, left hip and left knee, very sore back and neck.

Lesson learned: Alway anticipate that the other person can not see you and drive accordingly.

Changes: I will not ride with a short sleeve shirt. I am looking into getting chaps to protect my legs. I always wear a helmet (Skid Lid) goggles, full gloves and leather boots.

Hope this helps.

I have know idea why I posted to the forum before going to the hospital. I guess I needed to vent and go to a place that gave me the warm fuzzy feeling that I needed at the time they were unloading my baby from the wrecker.

THANKS to all of my V-Rod family for your genuine concerns.:cheers:

Now it is time to put my baby back together bigger and badder than before.

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Let the FUN Begin!:diablo:
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