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Totaled my V-Rod Tonight

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Call me crazy, but I just wanted to TELL everyone to be careful and WATCH OUT for uncaring cage drivers. I am on my way to the hospital just after they unload my BABY from the wrecker. :1: I refused to be taken by ambulance to the hospital until I was sure my bike did not get more damage from being towed. I was T Boned at 40 mph. I will fill you in when I get back from the hospital.
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Frank: Sounds like you came through without major injurys. Everyone will be waiting anxiously for your next post. Our thougths and prayers are with you.
This type of stuff never happens to the bad guys. I hope you come through ok.
Fu(kin A!:mad: I pray all will be ok .That is terrible.If you need anything lets us know!Were here for ya Bro!:(
Some Birthday week!.....take care and fill us in a soon as you can......you're one tough DUDE!
Terrible news Frank. Had a similar thing happen to me in 1981.

Thank god your OK.

All the best wishes for a speedy recovery from us here over at the other side of the pond.

one more thing to be thankful for at thanksgiving, you were able to walk away. Hope everything turns out ok.
Thinking of you Frank. Look after yourself and let us know soon how you are.

Very sorry to hear that!
Seems like nothing broken, huh?
Now get well real soon and do not stop posting.
Getting to post before a checkup. Sheesh! You are one awsome person, you know that? Now go get a head CT scan!
frank glad that you had the strength to let us know. just remember the wounds will heal but you will always want to beat the living daylights out of the person that did this to you.
Many Thanks to my V-Rod family for your concerns. :thumb Anyone want to buy some slightly used V-Rod parts CHEAP.:ithappens I was just released from the hospital, a couple of fractures and road rashes. I am really upset with the shape of my V-Rod. It was not a pretty sight watching it roll over and over down the road. That is something that will be burned into my brain for a long time. :1: I can say that even the highway looks good in CHROME. Unfortunately the chrome was from my V-Rod. NOW the fun begins! Building a new V-Rod (bigger and badder) than it was before. Again, thank you and really be careful around the CAGES.

Most Respectfully
What did you fracture?
Glad you're well enough to be released from hospital.

Take care
Glad you in one piece Frank.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Fractured my left leg, left arm, and right wrist. Now it's time to fracture the wallet of the person who hit me and my baby. :bash
BIG OUCH!!!! Glad you're alive after all that! Are you in casts everywhere?

Hope they gave you alot of good drugs.

if it's not to Tuff please put up some pics of your Fallen Steed!It makes for a great reminder that we must really becareful out there.Even the Best of us go down!:( What are your plans for you New Baby?:diablo:
Frank, glad to hear you're home! Just curious, were you wearing a helmet? If so, did it come into good use? What type was it? Heal soon! Aaron

I will post some pics soon.


I was wearing a helmet (scid lid) not a scratch on it.
Glad that your OK.. Now do me a favor and put the HAMMER :bash :bash to the person who hit you .....
Having been there (although self inflicted) I can say thank goodness you are at least able to type. I'm trying to imagine how, however. The wrist will be the worst. I'm into 5 months and I still don't have full function. And My King's was worse.

But have fun putting together a new and better rod. Get well. All of us are thinking of you.



Glad to hear your home....when you feel up to it please share the details of the accident and possibly a pix...I'm sure we can all learn from your misfortune.

P.S. Go get the SOB!
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